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Personal Training:

Why should YOU train like a gymnast? Well first of all, we all know that gymnasts have the ultimate combination of flexibility and strength. They have incredible body and air awareness which allows them to do seemingly inhuman things!

It may feel like this type of training is only for gymnasts but actually, this holistic training is beneficial for anyone at any level. So what is gymnastic strength training all about? It's all about body-weight strength training AND flexibility/mobility training. It not only makes you stronger but keeps you moving freely and with ease!

If you’re curious about what a 60 minute training session with me would look like, take a look below!

Body/Air Awareness

The first 30 minutes of your session is dedicated to handstands and any other gymnastic tricks you’re interested in learning. I throw in core work, body-line drills, and flexibility/mobility whenever your wrists/shoulders need a little break.


If there is one thing that gymnastic strength training addresses better than any other training method out there, it's mobility. My program not only focuses on flexibility but joint work as well.

If you're tired of feeling stiff and achy, mobility training NEEDS to be in your training program. Period. And if you train with me, it will be!

Gymnastic Strength Training

The last 30 minutes of your training session is dedicated to gymnastic strength training. The exercises I program into my client’s training sessions are very centered on full-body strength and mobility. My favorite part about full-body exercises is that they majorly target your core.  My clients often tell me they notice their cores get crazy strong. Some of my favorite exercises are Jefferson Curls, Cossack Squats, Pistol Squats, Hollow Body Holds, Side Plank Hip Dips, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Windmills, Dragonflies and Levers.

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1:1 Gymnastic Strength Training Program

My one-on-one gymnastic strength training program is for adults! My sessions not only include drills and skills but also body-weight training and flexibility/mobility training! You need ALL 3 to really succeed at this sport!

My gym has a low beam, stall bars, paralettes, rings and lots of mats! Click the button below for more information or to purchase a training package!


1:1 Monthly Fitness & Nutrition Program

My monthly fitness & nutrition RESET challenge is a 1:1 program that has everything you need to get back on track with living a healthy lifestyle!

My program includes nutrition coaching, fitness programming, habit development, mindset work AND the key ingredient: accountability check-ins via the video messaging app, Marco Polo!.


Upside-Down Ambo's Independent Gymnastic Strength Training Program

Do you want to train at your own pace? My online gymnastic strength training course is FULL of strength, flexibility, joint prep, handstand and gymnastic skill videos where I teach you how to do all of the fun gymnastic-y things!!


Hi! I'm Amber!

I’m a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and gymnastic/handstand coach. I absolutely love what I do and think I have the best job in the world! I love teaching adults (and kids) how to live that upside-down life!

My 1:1 gymnastic strength training (calisthenics/handstands/adult gymnastics) program includes strength training (gymnast style), flexibility/mobility training & skills training. If you have dreams of doing a handstand, learning gymnastics as an adult, getting your splits, or learning some fun gymnastic/calisthenics movements, I am your coach!

My studio is located in Draper, UT but I work with clients all over the world in helping them reach their fitness, nutrition, and gymnastic/handstand goals! 

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What Others Are Saying...

"Amber knows her stuff! She's approachable and interested in each client's success. When I followed her plan, I got results! I appreciate the coaching she provided, along with the encouragement and accountability that came along with it." -Dave A.

I have been working with Amber off and on for over 6 months. She is amazing! No two workouts are the same. She is very good about pushing without being pushy. She is fun and always brings high energy that you can feed off of. I would highly recommend Amber! Thanks for keeping this 50 year old FIT and FLEXY! -Trevor M.

"Amber is absolutely amazing. I have been working with her for two months and I am already stronger and able to fit in clothing that had not worn before having my babies. Amber makes sure that each set of exercises is different from the last one, and is fun. She really cares about my goals and my health, and helps me stay motivated. I 100% recommend Amber."  -Ramsa C.

"Great workout. Fun atmosphere. This girl knows what she is doing! Can't wait to book more sessions!" -Shannon N.

"Great workout! She had a specific workout just for me and my needs. It was fun and a great workout. I highly recommend signing up for some of her open spots. It was so nice to workout with someone that helped me and in the privacy of her gym." -Tiffany B.


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