Transform Yourself From The Inside Out!

Back up your dreams with action! Let's make a plan! I will help you find your inner strength through mindset work, meditation, fitness and nutrition! 


Hi! I'm Amber!

I'm a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, handstand coach and gymnastics coach! I have my associate's degree in health sciences and my bachelor's degree in psychology. Besides specializing in calisthenics, gymnastics strength training, handstands & flexibility, I also specialize in behavior change. I LOVE to help my clients learn new skills that will help them make and KEEP new habits in their lives! I offer a variety of 1:1 and small group programs to fit any budget. 

I'm based out of Salt Lake City, UT but work with people from all over the world in helping them to reach their health and fitness goals! I am so passionate about the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle and love that my job allows me to motivate others to do the same! I would LOVE the opportunity to work with you!

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What Others Are Saying...

"Amber is absolutely amazing. I have been working with her for two months and I am already stronger and able to fit in clothing that had not worn before having my babies. Amber makes sure that each set of exercises is different from the last one, and is fun. She really cares about my goals and my health, and helps me stay motivated. I 100% recommend fit and flexy studios."  -Ramsa C.

"Great workout. Fun atmosphere. This girl knows what she is doing! Can't wait to book some more sessions!" -Shannon N.

"Great workout! She had a specific workout just for me and my needs. It was fun and a great workout. I highly recommend signing up for some of her open spots. It was so nice to workout with someone that helped me and in the privacy of her gym." -Tiffany B.

​"Amber has been great to work with! She has kicked me back into shape and has made it fun! I would highly recommend her to anyone!" -Dan P.

A year from now you'll wish you had started today so what are you waiting for?


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