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1:1 Handstand & Tumbling Private Lessons

Learn the fundamentals of tumbling and floor work, including my specialty, handstands! I will teach you everything you need to know to be able to do handstands, press handstands, walkovers, cartwheels, aerials and even handsprings & flips!

I will help you overcome any mental blocks that you have so you can do these tricks with full confidence! My private lessons include strength training and flexibility/mobility as these are essential for any gymnast/aerialist. All levels welcome and all sessions are in my private studio.


1:1 Four Week
Nutrition Program

My 4 week fitness & nutrition challenge provides you with everything you need to know to be successful with losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF! My full program includes fitness programming, nutrition coaching, a 4 week meal plan with grocery list, flexibility video, habits worksheets & weekly accountability check-ins.

After the four weeks are finished, you may continue training with me on a monthly basis. Full and independent program options are available! Click the link below to find out more!


1:1 Soul to Soul
Life Coaching

Most of the suffering in our lives is created through our own thinking. During our time together, I will teach you the skills you need to be able to retrain your body and mind to serve your highest good. I will teach you how to mirror your thoughts to break unhealthy loops so you can ultimately carry yourself from a feeling of helplessness to a place of power.

If you have arrived at the point in your life where you are sick and tired of your own suffering, I invite you to stop looking outside of yourself for your answers. I promise they are all inside of you.


Hi! I'm Amber!

Just a soulful, playful, coffee-obsessed hand-balancer & truth seeker. I’m committed to a lifelong journey of growth so that I can truly know and love myself by being the most authentic version of who I truly am. I feel called to guide others to reconnect to the lost parts of themselves as well. Whether I’m teaching you how to do handstands or back flips, educating you on sound nutrition practices, and/or guiding you through life coaching; I am committed to reconnecting you to your inner child as well as your higher self so that you can feel empowered and free to live your most aligned life. 

I’m an ACE certified personal-trainer (gymnast style), fitness nutrition specialist, behavior change specialist and life coach. I have my bachelors degree in psychology with a minor in marriage and family studios and am obsessed with all things human behavior.

I feel honored to work with you. Feel free to message me {here} with any questions or connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and/or TikTok @selfloveandhandstands.


"If you're searching for the person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror."


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