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Uncategorized Nov 28, 2021

Who do you want to be?

It’s such a simple question.


Most of us envision a version of ourselves with a bit more confidence… a version who is unapologetically HER... a version who doesn’t hide behind fear but lives through love… love for HERSELF because she allows herself to be seen for exactly who she is and she chases her dreams without worrying about what others might think. 


I bet you crave being that person.

I bet you crave the freedom in just allowing yourself to BE.

I think we all do!

But we let fear get in our way.


Think about your childhood. I’m guessing you spent a big portion of it trying to fit in… often feeling like you weren’t enough. Not yet strong enough to just be YOU regardless if others accepted you or not… that thought way too painful.


Now think about your adulthood. Do you still feel those feelings? Feeling like you aren’t enough. Feeling like you’ll never be seen....

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Sunday Soul Day

life coach soul Oct 10, 2021

A quick break from my normal gymnastic/ handstand posts for some Sunday soul day life coaching. Enjoy.


It’s tempting to live your life in a way that won’t upset anyone... Never calling anyone out for not treating you right, allowing people to walk all over you because you don’t want to cause drama, living untrue to who you are because you don’t want to break your spouse/families hearts... to smile and laugh and agree with all. the. things. so that you feel like you’re being seen, heard and approved of and not, heaven forbid, disappointing someone.

But I guarantee you that doing all those things and betraying yourSELF constantly will never bring you happiness. A life well-lived is not one in which you ignore your heart to please others. It is a life where you bravely choose to not betray yourself even if it means upsetting others.

You can’t be afraid to disappoint someone more than you’re afraid to disappoint yourself. You...

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When your TikTok goes viral

adult gymnastics funny Oct 09, 2021

Have you seen this viral TikTok?! I have had so many people duet this and it has been so fun to watch people try it and just to see the smiles and laughs it brought to them. SO SO FUN! If you're not following me on social media yet, go and find me!! @upsidedownambo

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When Your Coach Leaves You For Dead

adult gymnastics Oct 08, 2021

Even coaches need coaches! There's something about having someone keeping you accountable that makes you show up and work your hardest. I'll admit that when I train on my own, I definitely don't always push myself as hard as I could. That is human nature and even trainers struggle with that too! I've been training with Paul Hunt since I was 31 (8 years ago!) and he definitely keeps me focused on my goals!


If you're curious about training like a gymnast as an adult, I would love to train you and help to keep YOU accountable. My training sessions include gymnastic strength training, flexibility and of course, all of the drills and skills that everyone wants to learn. Click {here} to see my different training packages and if you're ready to see what training like a gymnast is all about, click {here} to fill out my new client questionnaire!

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Handstand Challenge


One of the absolute best things you can do when learning how to hold a handstand is to practice ALLLL of the different shapes. When you challenge your body to hold different shapes as well as to flow through different shapes, you gain body awareness so much quicker. Remember there are 3 types of handstands:


Straight Handstand Shapes (ie straight, pyramid, star)

Relaxed Handstand Shapes (ie stags, splits, scorpions)

Compressed Handstand Shapes (ie tuck, straddle, pike)


These handstand shapes require a different gaze, different shoulder angles, different pelvic tilts and different degrees of core engagement.

If you are dreaming of being able to hold a static handstand, I would LOVE to train you. My handstand training sessions can be done in my Draper, UT (Salt Lake City area) studio or through Zoom! I train people all over the world to live that upside-down life and I would LOVE to train YOU! Click {here} to send me a quick message that you're ready to start and I'll get...

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Homemade Perfect Bars

recipe Oct 06, 2021

Guys! These are SO good!!! They taste similar to Perfect Bars. Such an easy snack to throw together quickly. My kids even love them so they make a perfect after-school snack as well! Give them a try!!


(16 servings)


2 C rolled oats

10 mejdool dates

1 C peanut butter

1/2 C honey

1 t vanilla extract

2 scoops vanilla protein powder

pinch of salt



1) Process oats.

2) Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until cookie dough texture.

3) Put in a greased 9x9 baking dish and flatten.

4) Freeze for 20 minutes.

5) Cut into 16 square mini bars.


MACROS (per mini bar)

169 calories


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Starting gymnastics as an adult is better than never starting at all... or is it?

adult gymnastics Oct 05, 2021

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved gymnastics. The balance, the strength, and the power needed to flip around the uneven bars, dance across the beam, flip over the vault, and tumble across the floor. It's magical. 


I did recreational gymnastics as a kid but quit when I was 12 and was only a level 6 (which would be about a level 4 nowadays). I dreamed about competing but never quite made it. Fast forward about 20 years later. I'm no longer a kid... in fact, I have three of my own. I'm a stay at home mom and all of a sudden, at age 31, I could NOT stop thinking about getting back into gymnastics. My youngest was 6 months old and I was still nursing but I knew I had to find a gym because my soul was aching for this. I needed it. It took me a while to find a gym that offered an open gym that adults could attend but once I found it, I was in heaven! It definitely wan't easy but it brought so much joy to...

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Nice to Meet Ya! ;)


Don’t leave me hangin, guys!? Where you from and tell me why you follow me? Handstands... gymnastics... nutrition... kuz I’m weird and you like it?! I’m so curious! ‍

If you’re new here, I wanted to introduce myself! My name is Amber (aka AMBO) and I am a Certified Personal Trainer , Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Behavior Change Specialist . I also have my Bachelors degree in Psychology and LOVE everything that has to do with the mind. It fascinates me!!

I absolutely LOVE what I do! Work is seriously play to me! And no joke, my clients are seriously the shizzz… you all know who you are!

I’m definitely not your average IG fitness trainer. I do love weight lifting but I much prefer body-weight training (aka calisthenics/gymnastic strength) because it gives me that full body strength that makes me strong enough to play!! I’m basically like a big grown up kid ‍ and I just want to play like all the time. Along with...

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nutrition program Feb 04, 2021

If you want to be successful at living a healthier life, it helps to plan ahead. If you don't plan ahead, you're going to choose what's easiest in the moment. That's human nature. If you want to outsmart yourself, you'll want to make meal prepping a habit.  That way, when you're in a hurry, stressed out, or just plain tired, the healthiest choice can be as easy as grabbing a meal prep container and throwing it in the microwave.

I have found so much success with meal prepping. I even have a meal prep buddy! We each prep 8 meals and then swap 4 with each other so we have two meals (4 of each) to choose from all week. It has been amazing!!!


I wanted to give you guys my favorite meal prep tips so that you can be successful in your fat loss journey or healthier eating journey! 


 #1 Get enough containers for a week! Don't forget to purchase small ones for sauces. These are my favorite meal prep containers!

Glass Meal Prep Containers from Amazon 


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What does 'Counting Macros' mean?

nutrition program Jan 09, 2021

Macros are all the rage right now and for good reason! Forget the days of 'low carb keto plans,' 'clean eating only,' and 'elimination diets!' Those don't work long-term! It is SO frustrating as a nutrition coach (ACE-CPT,FNS) to hear people go on these different types of diets. I like my clients to take a different approach. An approach that:

• teaches you portion control instead of elimination.

• teaches you how to have a healthy relationship with food and eliminate binge-eating.

• teaches you what macros (protein/carbs/fat) your food is made of so you can be more educated about what you are putting into your body.

• teaches you how to incorporate more nutrient-dense food into your diet that tastes GOOD! Who wants to eat chicken, brown rice and broccoli every day? I sure don't! When I'm dieting, I eat amazing food and never tire of my recipes thanks to:

Paleo Paparazzi

Lillie Eats and Tells

Clean Simple Eats


When you join my 4-week fitness and...

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