What does 'Counting Macros' mean?

Macros are all the rage right now and for good reason! Forget the days of 'low carb keto plans,' 'clean eating only,' and 'elimination diets!' Those don't work long-term! It is SO frustrating as a nutrition coach (ACE-FNS) to hear people go on these different types of diets. I like my clients to take a different approach. An approach that:

• teaches you portion control instead of elimination.

• teaches you how to have a healthy relationship with food and eliminate binge-eating.

• teaches you what macros (protein/carbs/fat) your food is made of so you can be more educated about what you are putting into your body.

• teaches you how to incorporate more nutrient-dense food into your diet that tastes GOOD! Who wants to eat chicken, brown rice and broccoli every day? I sure don't! When I'm dieting, I eat amazing food and never tire of my recipes thanks to:

Paleo Paparazzi

Lillie Eats and Tells

Clean Simple Eats

I give you ALL of my macro counting tips and secrets...

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Gymnast Abs Program

I am SO excited about my latest program, Gymnast Abs! It's full of 12 AMAZING core circuits that will get you GYMNAST STRONG in no time! I focus a lot on compression strength mixed with core exercises and even shoulder strength/stability.

If you're an adult gymnast, hand-balancer, press handstand dreamer, aerialist, pole dancer, etc. etc., YOU NEED THIS PROGRAM! This is going to help you get strong for all of those skills you've been dreaming about!

• Handstands

• Press Handstands

• Inversions on Pole, Hoop, Silks

• Uneven Bars in Gymnastics (KIP anyone!?)

This program is only $37 and includes videos of each and every movement! Grab your copy {here}!

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My Top Seven Exercises and Stretches to Rock Your Handstand!

 I'm so excited to share this free resource on handstands with you! These are my all-time favorite exercises and stretches that will get you closer to rocking that handstand! You can {click here} to get your free copy!


If you're looking for more help with your handstands, I would LOVE to help you! I am currently teaching a beginning/intermediate handstand class every Monday night at 5:30p (MST). Each class has 4 spots local (SLC, UT) and 4 spots through Zoom.


If you need a little extra help, I also offer 1-on-1 training for handstands! Click {here} to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me so we can discuss your goals and figure out which program would be the best fit for you!!

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Freedom Post

self-love Sep 08, 2020


“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person that walked in. That is what the storm is all about.”


The hardest moments in life are the ones that end up shaping you the most. I’m not going to lie, 2020 has been a shit-show for sure. It started off with a faith crisis that not only devastated me but also majorly impacted some family relationships. I then had a surgery and guys… post-op blues are a real thing.  I had March 31st circled on my calendar with the word “Freedom” next to it. That was my 6-week mark.  But then, COVID happened and we were in lock down. OMG! My marriage was on the rocks and we triiiieeed so hard during this time but by the time May came, we were preparing for a divorce. Some other “fun things” were sprinkled in there as well just to keep life interesting and make sure I truly learned what I was meant to learn this year. And I did.


BUT, I can honestly say,...

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5 Tips to NOT Blow Your Diet This Labor Day!

nutrition tips Sep 07, 2020
Happy Labor Day! Just because it's a holiday, doesn't mean you have to give in to all of your cravings! If you're currently on a diet, definitely make today your "cheat meal" day but still practice some self control. Here are a few tips to not blow your diet this Labor day:
1.) Remember you get one "cheat" meal per week! Don't go crazy here, haha, BUT definitely relax and enjoy your day! Let's not get too perfectionist-y here (made that word up 😜). Consistency is key... not perfection. 😉
2.) If you know you're going to a BBQ or out to eat one night, aim for lower carbs/fat for breakfast, lunch and snacks to offset the increase in carbs for dinner.
3.) Bring a protein shake to offset the carbs. You can just add water and it's pure 20g of protein. Plus it will help keep you full. Not the tastiest but 🤷‍♀️😅
4.) Skip the bun! I actually prefer my hamburgers/hot dogs this way now. Funny how that happens. 🍔
5.) Snack on veggies... not on...
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How to become a meal prep pro!

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2020

If you want to be successful at living a healthier life, you have to plan ahead. If you don't plan ahead, your'e going to choose what's easiest in the moment. That is human nature. If you want to beat that natural inclination, you'll want to find a convenient time to prep for the week ahead.  Then, when you're in a hurry, stressed out, or just plain tired, the healthiest choice can be as easy as grabbing a meal prep container and throwing it in the microwave.

I have found so much success with meal prepping. I even have a meal prep buddy! We each make 8 meal preps and then swap 4 with each other so we have two meals to choose from all week. It has been amazing!


I wanted to give you guys my favorite meal prep tips so that you can be successful in your fat loss journey or healthier eating journey! 


#1 Get enough containers for a week! Don't forget to purchase small ones for sauces. These are my favorite meal prep containers!

Glass Meal Prep Containers from...

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My Top 5 Tricks to Lose Fat!

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

Anyone else gain a few pounds during quarantine. Oops!! Well have no fear because that is just life guys! There are different seasons in life and we just get to enjoy the ride. I sure enjoyed eating ALL. THE. FOOD. during quarantine and then realized I didn't feel as good as I was feeling pre-quarantine. SO, I decided to get back on track and get back to eating healthy. I miss it!! So for anyone else who is looking to lose a few pounds this month, here are my TOP 5 TRICKS TO LOSING FAT!

#1 - This is an important one guys. HIGH VOLUME FOOD! This is where it's at when you're dieting. Whether you eat a big ass salad, a big green smoothie, a big bowl of vegetable/chicken (low calorie) soup, or lots of veggies.... if you include this in your diet, it will help you SO much. Remember that when it comes to fat loss, calories are KING. But, you can make it a lot easier on yourself by making sure those calories come from high volume food so you aren't starving all day long!

#2 - Drink. A LOT....

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Which Will You Choose? The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret?

inspiration motivation Jun 01, 2020


I'm not going to lie... I have had a HARD time getting back into the swing of things after this whole quarantine craziness. I have been:

• unmotivated

• extra tired

• extra flabby (dang quarantine)

• off my game


Basically, ALL. THE. THINGS.


Last week was the first time I made it back to the gym. My workouts weren't like they were before but all that mattered to me was that I SHOWED UP. And now, this week... it's a little easier.

If you are having a hard time getting back into the swing of things, remember that you don't have to be back to where you were right away. It's okay to take it slow. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP MOVING TOWARD YOUR GOALS. 

I went to the gym even though I knew the workout wasn't going to be awesome because I ALSO knew that if I still went, I would feel PUMPED when I was done! And guess what, I did!


Here's the thing...

We can either choose "easy" in the moment and then go through the "hard" later on in the...

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