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5 Tips to NOT Blow Your Diet This Labor Day!

nutrition tips Sep 07, 2020
Happy Labor Day! Just because it's a holiday, doesn't mean you have to give in to all of your cravings! If you're currently on a diet, definitely make today your "cheat meal" day but still practice some self control. Here are a few tips to not blow your diet this Labor day:
1.) Remember you get one "cheat" meal per week! Don't go crazy here, haha, BUT definitely relax and enjoy your day! Let's not get too perfectionist-y here (made that word up 😜). Consistency is key... not perfection. 😉
2.) If you know you're going to a BBQ or out to eat one night, aim for lower carbs/fat for breakfast, lunch and snacks to offset the increase in carbs for dinner.
3.) Bring a protein shake to offset the carbs. You can just add water and it's pure 20g of protein. Plus it will help keep you full. Not the tastiest but 🤷‍♀️😅
4.) Skip the bun! I actually prefer my hamburgers/hot dogs this way now. Funny how that happens. 🍔
5.) Snack on veggies... not on chips/candies. In fact, if you know you can't stop at 1 chip, don't start! This is a HUGE one for me. I just don't even have one bite because I KNOW, I won't stop. 😬
6.) Remember that the more you do what you say you're going to do, the more trust you build with yourself. So if you tell yourself you're going to hit your macros, hit them (good, better, best mentality). If you tell yourself you're going to have a cheat meal... figure out what that's going to be and then stick with it. Remember, a diet isn't forever! 
I think it's SO important to learn how to eat smart during the holidays. It's not a time to just give up. It's a time to realize perfection isn't going to happen, BUT you just get back on track the next day. Also, a time to learn that the major point is to learn how to not binge... and you learn how to not binge by being responsible for your food choices (planning and following through) and allowing a little fun during a holiday or a night out. Never just saying "screw it all! Give me all the food, haha!" Hey, we've all been there. 😬😅
It's all about balance, right?! 😉 If you guys have any other tips, feel free to share in the comments!

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