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My Next 8-Week Healthy Living Challenge Starts on March 1st!

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2021

Where would you be if you had started a year ago…? A month ago? This is such a POWERFUL thought! The answers are probably both empowering and sobering. I mean, IF ONLY, right?! We all know what we want deep down inside. I think at the root it’s simply to feel proud of ourselves that we did the hard things to get to where we want to be!

When I turned 30, I could NOT stop thinking about gymnastics. I would dream about twirling around the unparallel bars, doing backflips, and back handsprings on the beam! It was constant!! My initial thought was always that my time for that had gone but the nagging voice inside of me didn’t seem to accept that decision. FINALLY, I decided to just go for it and I found a gym that offered a tumbling class for teens and adults. I was SO excited. After the class, my body HURT! But I didn’t even care. I kept going back for more. My coach called me “muscles” because I legit couldn’t do a push-up or a sit-up! I would get discouraged often.


Progress was slow. But, the biggest shift came when I started taking better care of my body by eating healthier, lifting weights and stretching. That took me to the next level!!


If YOU can’t stop thinking about something you want in life, USE THAT AS FUEL and make that shit happen! NOW!! You can’t change the past but you do have the choice to CREATE a different future!


If you need a little help or direction getting back in shape, I would absolutely LOVE to help you! I’m starting my next 8-week Healthy Living Challenge on March 1st and registration opens up this Monday, February 15th!!


Everyone who signs up on Monday gets $50 off!



I LOVE empowering women to find their best selves and show up as them every damn day! My {Body • Mind • Soul} 8-week Healthy Living Challenge will transform you from the inside out! My program is all about healing your body, mind AND soul. I will give you the tools you need to create a lasting lifestyle change! My program includes:

  • The week before the challenge starts is education week! Each day you will have a short lesson so when the challenge starts, you'll feel prepared and ready!!
  • 8 weeks of nutrition coaching. I will give you custom macros and adjust as needed!
  • Bi-weekly accountability check-ins through email to keep you motivated and to answer any questions you may have!
  • Monthly progress picture and measurement review with me!
  • 8 week meal prep plan for one meal- new recipe each week!
  • Macro cookbook by Kendra at Paleo Paparazzi with 50+ recipes to help you reach your macros while still enjoying the food you eat!
  • 4x/week fitness programming with access to my exercise directory where I coach you through all the movements (all you need are dumbbells). You can do these at home or the gym!
  • Weekly mental health exercises and challenges with prizes!

Invest in yourself! Invest in your dreams! Get back on track and feel good again! Just because we’re older doesn’t mean the fun stops! Stop living through your kids and MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN FUN!!! And the first step is getting back into shape!


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