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If you want to be successful at living a healthier life, it helps to plan ahead. If you don't plan ahead, you're going to choose what's easiest in the moment. That is human nature. If you want to beat that natural inclination, you'll want to find a convenient time to meal prep.  Then, when you're in a hurry, stressed out, or just plain tired, the healthiest choice can be as easy as grabbing a meal prep container and throwing it in the microwave.

I have found so much success with meal prepping. I even have a meal prep buddy! We each prep 8 meals and then swap 4 with each other so we have two meals (4 of each) to choose from all week. It has been amazing!!!


I wanted to give you guys my favorite meal prep tips so that you can be successful in your fat loss journey or healthier eating journey! 



Get enough containers for a week! Don't forget to purchase small ones for sauces. These are my favorite meal prep containers!

Glass Meal Prep Containers from Amazon




Start with one meal a week along with a few prepped snacks. These are my favorite macro cookbooks. They have seriously changed my life, ha! High protein and already entered into MyFitnessPal. SO MANY OPTIONS AND ALL SO GOOD! Guys, seriously, get your hands on these. Worth every penny! I have all of them and love them all!

Paleo Paparazzi's Cookbook

Lillie Eats and Tells Cookbooks

Clean Simple Eats Cookbooks/Meal Plans


#3 Pre-log the info into MyFitnessPal (app). If you are currently counting macros (IIFYM), this makes it so much easier! It is best to plan your macros the night before so you aren't left with a bunch of protein grams and minimal carbs. It really doesn't take too much time to plan ahead and the dividends make it well worth it!


Does counting macros and meal prepping overwhelm you?! I'd LOVE to help you get started. It really isn't too difficult once the habit is in place! Contact me for more info about my 8-week {Body • Mind • Soul} Transformation Challenge where I teach you how to do it along with so much more! It is a life changing 8-week program and I'd love to have you join! My next one starts on March 1st! Registration opens soon!!!


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