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Soul Alignment


✨For anyone feeling a little lost… keep working, growing {un}learning… you’ll find your way.✨

Soul alignment.

It’s when you truly learn to love yourself, you choose yourself when around others (instead of protecting them or accepting poor behavior to not lose someone)... it’s when you know who you are, what you want, what you deserve, and where you are going. Your life just feels aligned. You feel aligned. You KNOW you’re on the right path. 💫

Until that point you can feel a little lost… so, how can you work toward being soul aligned? You can work toward this by:

1️⃣ Choosing your authentic self even with the threat of not being accepted, loved or chosen. This one is hard but it is so important to love who you are enough to choose yourself at all costs! You can start working toward this by reminding yourself that even if someone doesn’t like you… YOU LIKE YOU and that is really all that matters. If someone doesn’t approve of who or how you are, remind yourself that YOU approve of who and how you are and that is really all that matters. And it really is. When you TRULY love and accept yourself, you just don’t give AF who doesn’t. It’s a beautiful freeing feeling that we should all work toward. That alone would heal so much suffering in this world! 💕

2️⃣ Setting boundaries with people. We often give up some of who we are to not lose people in our lives when really we should fully embrace who we are and let anyone who leaves, leave. Those who truly love us will stay and we will be surrounded by people who actually love our true selves instead of surrounded by those we have to perform around to be loved. NO thank-you and buh-bye!! 👋🏻

3️⃣ Becoming self-aware. When you become reactive, look inward. That wound is simply asking to be healed. Show God/the Universe that you are ready to start healing and watch the lessons come to you. ✨

I’ve loved this journey I’ve been on this last year. I continue to grow and work toward soul alignment. It’s always a work in progress. I still get reactive and have to turn inward but I feel so empowered to know that the answers are all inside of me...


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