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What does 'Counting Macros' mean?

nutrition Jan 09, 2021

Macros are all the rage right now and for good reason! Forget the days of 'low carb keto plans,' 'clean eating only,' and 'elimination diets!' Those don't work long-term! It is SO frustrating as a nutrition coach (ACE-CPT,FNS) to hear people go on these different types of diets. I like my clients to take a different approach. An approach that:

• teaches you portion control instead of elimination.

• teaches you how to have a healthy relationship with food and eliminate binge-eating.

• teaches you what macros (protein/carbs/fat) your food is made of so you can be more educated about what you are putting into your body.

• teaches you how to incorporate more nutrient-dense food into your diet that tastes GOOD! Who wants to eat chicken, brown rice and broccoli every day? I sure don't! When I'm dieting, I eat amazing food and never tire of my recipes thanks to:

Paleo Paparazzi

Lillie Eats and Tells

Clean Simple Eats


When you join my 4-week fitness and nutrition RESET challenge, I give you ALL of my macro counting tips and secrets so that by the time the 4 weeks is over, you are ready to do it on your own! I want you to be fully confident in how to reach your health and fitness goals when our time together is done! I'll make sure you know how to continue cutting (dieting) or to switch to maintaining or reverse-dieting! You can always continue if you want the accountability check-ins but you will know how to do it on your own!


Let's talk about macros!!

First off, what exactly are macros?

'Macros' is short for macro-nutrients and include carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  So, when someone says they are counting macros, they are really counting the grams of carbs/protein/fat instead of calories. 


Why is counting macros superior to counting calories?

This is an easy one! When you focus on macros instead of just calories, you are making sure that your body has adequate protein to maintain (or build) your muscle mass. Couple this with lifting weights and you're on your way to a lean, sculpted and toned body!


When you focus just on calories, it is easy to eat a lot of carbs and low amounts of protein. This is not going to help you build muscle and will just shrink your current body. Some people call this "skinny fat." I don't love that term but it does help you to visualize what I'm talking about.


If you are wanting a more toned look, macros coupled with lifting weights is the way to go!!


How do I get started with counting macros?

There are SO many online macro calculators out there but nothing compares to working with a nutrition coach that will make sure your macros match your goals and will help you see results!


Join my 4-week fitness and nutrition RESET challenge {here}!


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