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When Your Coach Leaves You For Dead

adult gymnastics Oct 08, 2021

Even coaches need coaches! There's something about having someone keeping you accountable that makes you show up and work your hardest. I'll admit that when I train on my own, I definitely don't always push myself as hard as I could. That is human nature and even trainers struggle with that too! I've been training with Paul Hunt since I was 31 (8 years ago!) and he definitely keeps me focused on my goals!


If you're curious about training like a gymnast as an adult, I would love to train you and help to keep YOU accountable. My training sessions include gymnastic strength training, flexibility and of course, all of the drills and skills that everyone wants to learn. Click {here} to see my different training packages and if you're ready to see what training like a gymnast is all about, click {here} to fill out my new client questionnaire!


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