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When your TikTok goes viral

adult gymnastics funny Oct 09, 2021

Have you seen this viral TikTok?! I have had so many people duet this and it has been so fun to watch people try it and just to see the smiles and laughs it brought to them. SO SO FUN! If you're not following me on social media yet, go and find me!! @selfloveandhandstands

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Starting gymnastics as an adult is better than never starting at all... or is it?


Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved gymnastics. The balance, the strength, and the power needed to flip around the uneven bars, dance across the beam, flip over the vault, and tumble across the floor. It's magical. 


I did recreational gymnastics as a kid but quit when I was 12 and was only a level 6 (which would be about a level 4 nowadays). I dreamed about competing but never quite made it. Fast forward about 20 years later. I'm no longer a kid... in fact, I have three of my own. I'm a stay at home mom and all of a sudden, at age 31, I could NOT stop thinking about getting back into gymnastics. My youngest was 6 months old and I was still nursing but I knew I had to find a gym because my soul was aching for this. I needed it. It took me a while to find a gym that offered an open gym that adults could attend but once I found it, I was in heaven! It definitely wan't easy but it brought so much joy to...

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