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Sunday Soul Day

It’s tempting to live your life in a way that won’t upset anyone... Never calling anyone out for not treating you right, allowing people to walk all over you because you don’t want to cause drama, living untrue to who you are because you don’t want to break your spouse/families hearts... to smile and laugh and agree with all. the. things. so that you feel like you’re being seen, heard and approved of and not, heaven forbid, disappointing someone.


But I guarantee you that doing all those things and betraying yourSELF constantly will never bring you happiness. A life well-lived is not one in which you ignore your heart to please others. It is a life where you bravely choose to not betray yourself even if it means upsetting others.

You can’t be afraid to disappoint someone more than you’re afraid to disappoint yourself. You can’t be afraid to lose someone more than you’re afraid to lose yourself.



I can tell you...

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✨Heal yourself. Heal the world.✨

self healers unite soul Feb 02, 2021

One of the hardest things for me to let go of was control. I wanted to control everything and it created so much anxiety inside of me. When I finally surrendered to what was and just focused on myself with no expectation of what anyone else thought of me, was when I found my freedom. My anxiety left and I felt so FREE. Free to be seen. Free to be heard. Free to be me. Who knew the whole time I held the keys to my own freedom. We all do.

If you want to learn how to handstand like this, I would LOVE to teach ya! ‍ It is SO fun and has become such a beautiful way for me to meditate ‍ and get focused in the present moment. I love it!!! I offer 1:1 handstand and gymnastics training (adults and kids) locally in Salt Lake City, UT as well as via Zoom (handstands only through Zoom)! Click the link {here} to set up a 10 minute consultation through Zoom! Let’s chat.

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Soul Alignment


For anyone feeling a little lost… keep working, growing {un}learning… you’ll find your way.

Soul alignment.

It’s when you truly learn to love yourself, you choose yourself when around others (instead of protecting them or accepting poor behavior to not lose someone)... it’s when you know who you are, what you want, what you deserve, and where you are going. Your life just feels aligned. You feel aligned. You KNOW you’re on the right path.

Until that point you can feel a little lost… so, how can you work toward being soul aligned? You can work toward this by:

1 Choosing your authentic self even with the threat of not being accepted, loved or chosen. This one is hard but it is so important to love who you are enough to choose yourself at all costs! You can start working toward this by reminding yourself that even if someone doesn’t like you… YOU LIKE YOU and that is really all that matters. If someone doesn’t approve of who...

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