Discover your fittest self. 

I will be your conscious guide through a transformative fitness experience by creating a clear road map that aligns with your unique needs and goals.

Your personalized program will facilitate the development of both functional strength and mobility; enabling you to move with power and confidence.

1:1 Fitness & Nutrition Program
1:1 Handstand & Press Handstand Training

1:1 Personal Training & Nutrition Program

(Nutrition Only -or- Fitness with Nutrition)

My 1:1 fitness and nutrition program is an 8 week program designed to get YOU results. If you are wanting to lose fat and build muscle, you will need a nutrition program that supports that goal. If you are wanting to get stronger and change your body shape, you are going to need a workout routine that supports that goal. My program delivers both!

Exercise and nutrition are two sides of the same coin and you need BOTH to get the result you want. This is not a "lose fat quick" program. THOSE DON'T WORK!  This program will teach you how to track your food, how to stay consistent 80% of the time and how to NOT BINGE! This program will teach you how to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF FOR GOOD!

My $397 eight-week nutrition program includes:
     • Custom macros according to your goals
     • Weekly check-ins through email to keep you accountable and help you make maximum progress
     • Support through email, text or Marco Polo (app)
     • Training on how to use My Fitness Pal, if needed (app)
     • 20% off my online fitness classes membership

My $1,897 eight-week nutrition program PLUS fitness includes:
     • Everything above PLUS
     • 3x/week, 60 min. 1:1 personal training sessions (local or through Zoom)
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1:1 Handstand & Press Handstand Training

My 1:1 handstand training sessions include handstand conditioning, drills and the same flexibility training that I use! I will assess your handstands to see what mobility, strength or technique issues are present, and get you a personalized plan to master your handstand!

If you are a beginner and can't yet handstand, I have very specific drills that will get you upside-down and strong enough to kick up against the wall!

If you are an intermediate hand-balancer and can kick up against the wall, I have amazing drills that will help you to get away from the wall and find your free-standing handstand! 

If you are an advanced hand-balancer looking to learn how to press into your handstand, I got you!  

I have been coaching handstands for years and have developed a very specific way to progress anyone to the next level of handstands.  I LOVE coaching and helping people reach their handstand and flexibility goals and I would LOVE to work with you!


Online or Local (Salt Lake City, UT)
$75 for one 60m session
$275 for four 60m sessions

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Hi, my name is Amber!  I'm a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and a handstand/flexibility coach. I have my Associate's degree in health sciences and a Bachelors degree in psychology. Besides specializing in functional fitness, mobility, and handstands, I also specialize in behavior change. I LOVE to help my clients learn skills that will help them to make and KEEP new habits in their lives! I offer a variety of 1:1 and small group programs to fit any budget. 
Based out of SLC, UT but work with people from all over the world in helping them to reach their health and fitness goals! I am so passionate about the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle and love that my job allows me to motivate others to do the same! I would LOVE the opportunity to work with you!

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Your body needs high quality fuel for performing at your best in all areas of your life. I will provide a thorough education on sound nutrition practices and dietary structure to eliminate guess work and support your fitness goals!


Your fitness program will provide you with the knowledge to workout effectively wherever life may take you with minimal equipment.


Achieving optimal flexibility and mobility is what makes the difference between good and great strength movements!

"Amber is absolutely amazing! I have been working with her for two months and I am already stronger and able to fit in clothing that had not worn before having my babies. Amber makes sure that each set of exercises is different from the last one, and is fun! Amber really cares about my goals and my health, and helps me stay motivated. I 100% recommend training with her!"  -Ramsa C.

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