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Personal Training: Gymnast Style

Do you struggle with getting to the gym? Does it feel boring and/or you lack motivation? There is NOTHING like gymnastic strength training to bring more FUN INTO FITNESS! As your trainer, we will focus on body-weight training AND mobility/flexibility that will get you moving with strength and ease. If you want to learn how to do a headstand, handstand, human flag or back-walkover, I got you!! I even teach yoga arm balances! What I’ve noticed with my clients and even myself, is that when I have a fun goal in mind, like learning how to do a handstand (or whatever), it keeps me motivated and interested in getting to the gym and working out!

Offering 1:1 training sessions for adults and kids!

ALL LEVELS WELCOME!! Fitness doesn’t have to be boring! Get fit and HAVE FUN while learning some cool tricks along the way!


All of my programming is scalable and progressive, so whether you're a kid or in your 50's, a complete novice or a seasoned athlete, you can absolutely learn these fun skills! 

  • Handstands/Handstand Walks/Presses
  • Yoga Arm Balances
  • Cartwheels/Round-Offs
  • Back/Front Walkovers
  • Handsprings
  • Standing Back/Front Tucks
  • Pull-overs on Bars
  • Chin-ups/Pull-ups/Muscle-ups
  • Pistol Squats
  • Dragon Fly
  • Front/Back/Side (human flag) Levers

I have been coaching for years and have developed very specific ways to progress anyone to the next level. Each training session will focus on body-weight training, balance training, flexibility/mobility training, and drills & skills. You don't have to figure this out alone. With the right tools and mindset you'll CRUSH whatever goals you set-- and I can help!


"Amber is awesome! She is the perfect mixture of a motivating coach that also pushes you to try new things and test your limits. I have enjoyed my time training with her, and look forward to conquering more gymnastics skills and improving my strength!"

-Taylor C.

Purchase a training program by clicking one of the links below! Can't wait to start crushing some goals together!!

I always recommend my 3x/week 60m program for the full gymnastic strength training experience. If you are serious about becoming gymnast strong, more flexible, and learning all of the fun upside-down tricks, that is the program for you!

Save money and train with a friend! You can add up to two people to any training program. Each additional person is $50 (for any training program).

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1x/Week Training Program
{Four 30 minute sessions}
2x/Week Training Program
{Eight 30 minute sessions}
3x/Week Training Program
{Twelve 30 minute sessions}
1x/Week Training Program
{Four 60 minute sessions}
2x/Week Training Program
{Eight 60 minute sessions}
3x/Week Training Program
{Twelve 60 minute sessions}
Single 30m Session
Single 60m Session
Training Buddy Add-On

"When I came to Amber about three months ago, I had a MAJOR fear being upside down and Amber totally changed the handstand game for me. She has quickly helped me build the strength, stamina and confidence I was lacking! She’s fun and knowledgeable and can pretty much teach you anything you want to learn. If you are wanting to generally build strength or work toward specific goals, I would absolutely recommend Amber as a mentor!"

-Rachel C.

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