A new kind of woman is emerging... THE DIVINE FEMININE

Let me guide you in uncovering yours.


Do you often feel self-conscious? Do you hold yourself back? Do you struggle setting boundaries? Do you struggle in your friendships? In your romantic relationships? Do you struggle to feel aligned in life?

That used to be me but through the magic of inner child healing and my secret weapon, mirroring, I was able to re-connect with myself, step out of victim consciousness, reclaim my power, and step into my divine feminine!

And now I teach other women how to do the same. My three month “Divine Feminine” program will guide you to become a woman who no longer needs others' approval. A woman who has found her voice, knows how to use boundaries and is okay being misunderstood. A woman who surrenders to the Universe and allows life to flow freely through her-- letting go of all attachments. A woman who has learned the art of REAL self love.

Ultimately, becoming a woman who has finally found her freedom.

This 1:1 life coaching program will guide you through your own healing process. We will meet once a week via Zoom where we will dive deep into your childhood wounding, heal it, so you can RISE above it. Your aligned life is waiting for you... you just need to reclaim your power.


UNLOCK your divine feminine and watch your world change.


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Take that first step toward freeing yourself from the tethers that bind you. Let's jump into this inner work together! I will guide you every step of the way.