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Transform yourself from the inside out and take CONTROL of your life!


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Fitness & Nutrition Program!

Starts July 5th!

Get ready to re-set your life! This program will help you create a consistent wellness routine through habit development that will have you feeling AMAZING! You will not only lose fat but also gain lean muscle through my 8-week fitness program that you can do anywhere, anytime! This challenge will help you gain more control over your relationship with food, get in the habit of working out each week as well as other important habits like daily meditation/journaling, stretching and increasing your fruit and veggie intake while decreasing your sugar intake.

My 8-Week Fitness & Nutrition Accountability Program will transform you from the inside out! It is all about healing your body, mind AND soul. I will give you the tools you need to create a lasting lifestyle change that will last far beyond these eight weeks! Get ready to live your dream life! I'm SO excited for you to get started!!

8-week Nutrition & Fitness Challenge


  • 8 weeks of nutrition coaching. I will give you custom macros and adjust as needed.
  • 1 week meal plan to get you started!
  • Bi-weekly accountability check-ins via email or the app, Marco Polo, to keep you accountable, motivated and help you make maximum progress.
  • 4x/week fitness programming with access to my ‘coaching directory’ where I coach you through all the movements. All you need are dumbbells!
  • Habit worksheets each week to keep you on task and creating healthy habits that will continue far beyond this challenge.
  • The week before the challenge starts is education week! Each day you will have a lesson so when the challenge starts, you will be ready to go!

8-week Nutrition & Fitness Challenge PLUS One-On-One Personal Training (2x/week)


  • This includes my 1:1 gymnastic strength training program, twice a week, for the full 8 week challenge (16 60m sessions)! This can be done in my Draper, UT studio or through Zoom.

8-week Nutrition & Fitness Challenge PLUS One-On-One Personal Training (3x/week)


  • This includes my 1:1 gymnastic strength training program, three times a week, for the full 8 week challenge {24 60m sessions}! This can be done in my Draper, UT studio or through Zoom.

Give Yourself Eight Weeks to Build Healthy Habits

& Change Your Life!

Siri H.

"All my adult life I have struggled with my weight.  I worked out 5-6 days a week and ate a “pretty healthy” diet but I hung on to 20-30 lbs of weight that I could never quite keep off.  I resigned myself to the fact that this was just how I was, but I knew deep down that I wasn’t completely happy with where I was.  I saw Amber’s nutrition challenge on Instagram and something deep down told me that I needed to sign up.  I had success a few years earlier with a macro based program, but once I went off it, I slowly gained back the weight. Then COVID hit and I gained even more weight. I was very scared but I told myself that the worst case scenario was I lost no weight, would maybe pick up a few tips, and I would be no worse off than I was right then.  So I signed up!  I lost roughly 15lbs with the challenge and was feeling so happy and had so much more energy.  I decided to sign up for personal 1 on 1 nutrition coaching with Amber and from there, I continued to lose weight for a total of 45lbs lost!  I am currently learning how to do maintenance and continue to feel really good!  Amber has been everything to me.  She is so supportive and her program is easy to follow.  Of course I have harder days, but I just follow the numbers she tells me, and the weight has steadily come off (about 2lbs per week). I definitely have days where I eat over my macros but I always go back to them with the next meal.  Amber is a great source of support: she listens, answers questions, gives feedback and has so many tips and tricks in her arsenal!  She is not ever judgmental and she gives me the encouragement and support I need to make this a lifelong success.  I highly encourage you to invest in yourself and work with Amber.  You will not be disappointed!  I am a 42 year old mother of 3 and if I can do it, you can too!"

Paleo Papparazzi's Cookbook


This Ebook by Kendra Cardoza, @paleopaparazzi, includes 50+ recipes to elevate your life! A delicious compilation of easy whole food recipes to keep you feeling your very best! 

Things like, Portobello Sloppy Joes, Spaghetti Squash Lo Mein, Tangy Bacon Brussels and Berry Cheesecake Oatmeal. Every recipe has calories and macros included to help you on your journey towards good health!

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