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My Next Healthy Living Challenge Begins March 1st!

My {Body • Mind • Soul} 8-Week Healthy Living Challenge will transform you from the inside out! My program is all about healing your body, mind AND soul. I will give you the tools you need to create a lasting lifestyle change! It starts on March 1st and will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE! I am SO excited for you to get started!

Registration opens on February 15th and closes at 11:59p on the 21st!

Education week begins February 22nd!

{Body • Mind • Soul}
8-Week Healthy Living Challenge


  • The week before the challenge starts is education week! Each day you will have a lesson so when the challenge starts, you know what to do!
  • 8 weeks of nutrition coaching. I will give you custom macros and adjust as needed!
  • Bi-weekly accountability check-ins through email to keep you motivated and to answer any questions you may have!
  • Monthly progress picture and measurement review with me!
  • 8 week meal prep plan for one meal- new recipe each week!
  • 4x/week fitness programming with access to my ‘coaching directory’ where I coach you through all movements. All you need are dumbbells.
  • Stick with it for the FULL 8 weeks and get $200 back!*

*In order to earn your $200 at the end of the 8-week challenge, you must:

  • Respond to ALL bi-weekly accountability emails.
  • Habit worksheets MUST be filled out each week and no less than 80% reached! (habits include going to bed at a certain time each night, filling your water bottle each morning and carrying it around with you all day, 3 servings of veggies and 2 servings of fruit a day, 5 min. meditation, 5-10m stretching a day, 3-4x weight lifting each week, 2x/cardio each week, meal prep, hit your macros, pre-log your food, and 1-2 habits of your choice!)
  • Meal prep MUST be done EACH WEEK! This includes prepping snacks and one meal that can make around 4-7 meal prep meals. Pictures emailed to me each week.
  • Must receive your weight, measurements, and pictures on day 1 of week 1, day 1 of week 5 and the day after the last day of the challenge.

Upside-Down Ambo's Independent Programs

Flexibility Flows


My Flexibility Flow program is for ALL levels and includes 7 flows to add into your daily routines:
• Full Body Flow
• Quick After Work Full Body Flow
• Hip Opener/Middle Splits Flow
• Front Splits Flow
• Handstand Flow
• Press Handstand Flow
• Backbend Flow
Get both programs {Flexibility Flows and CoreFIT} for $60!

Core FIT


12 different ab circuits designed to cultivate core strength. A main focus in compression strength as well as overall core strength. I also include many ab exercises that additionally strengthen shoulder and straight-arm strength. Throw an ab circuit in at the end of any workout and watch your skill-based strength improve which will translate into newly acquired FUN skills!

Get both programs {Flexibility Flows and CoreFIT} for $60!

Handstands 101


My Beginner’s Guide to Handstands covers all the fundamental drills to effectively progress toward a free-form handstands. I have developed key progressions to ensure you achieve the necessary strength, stability, and alignment you need to safely perform a handstand! In addition to consistently conditioning specific muscle groups, I have incorporated other critical components such as flexibility, mobility troubleshooting, and safety strategies. My goal is to provide a highly educational experience for successfully developing this awesome skill in a relatively short period of time! This course will help you train safely and intelligently through a very fun process!